Start Your Business with A Good Value Proposition

Where do you start when you want to start your own business?

Many people would respond, with the product or service you want to sell. This may seem easy enough, but how to do something that actually brings value to customers. In this article, we will answer exactly this question.

Identifying value is to understand the pain of the client in the things of life that stand in the way of a client doing functional or social work. These are broken into three categories:

  • The first client pain is unwanted results, which is when a client does not get the result that he was after.
  • The second pain of the client is the obstacles, which prevent even the client from starting a task.
  • The last pain of the client is the risks of unpleasant things that occur when a task is not performed.

The final step in determining value is to recognize the three types of customer gains the things that customers/businesses expect to get:

  1. The first is the necessary gain, which is the basic function of a product.
  2. The second is expected gains.
  3. The third is the desired gain, that is, when a product exceeds expectations.

In short, value relieves pain and creates gain for customers.

Once you understand your customers needs and desires, you are on the verge of delivering a high value product. The next step is to identify and understand all parts of your product.

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