How to Come up With Valuable Ideas for Products and Services

You can understand your customers by studying data, observing their habits, and meeting with their employees.

Habits reveal the most important information needs and desires of customers. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get an idea is to analyze customer data. After you create a website, you can use the tracking and analysis services provided by Google Analytics. With this data, you can see how customers get to your site and see that through the search electronic browser or links to other sites.

Can you also make a list of the ten most visited pages? On your website and in the top ten most & least visited pages. From there, you can take another step and dive into the world of your customers to learn more about their work, benefits and challenges. It allows you to understand everyday work, and what pains and potential benefits are associated with them.

This is a kind of first-hand observation that can lead to ideas on how to improve, for example, a slow toaster. Another, less direct approach is to observe potential customers by visiting the stores they go to. Notice which products they are looking for, they choose and which ones are ignored. Within one full day you should be able to see patterns in your trading habits. I know what you’re asking, what about B2B endeavors?

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